Low Temp Materials from Precision Associates!

Featured Product from Precision Associates Incorporated

In Minnesota, we have some experience with cold temperatures during our many months of winter. That's why the technical staff of Precision Associated developed compounds for use in frigid weather!

Compound 55903 is a new 90 Durometer Low Temperature Highly Saturated Nitrile with a TR-10 of -40°. 55903 also has good resistance to compression set, heat, and petroleum based oils and is both REACH and RoHS compliant.

Compounds 9701 and 9901 are 70 and 90 durometer FKM compounds with TR-10 values of -40°, suitable for use at very low temperatures. They also exhibit good resistance to compression set, petroleum based oils, aliphatic and aromatic fuels and oxygenated fuels.

These materials are available for standard O-Rings and X-Rings, and can be used for molding custom shapes that fit your design specifications. Contact us at 800-394-6590 or visit Precision Associates for more information.