Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) O-rings

Service Detail from Precision Associates Incorporated

Today's rubber seals are being required to perform in increasingly extreme conditions; oil and gas operations or chemical processing plants sealing harsh chemicals at progressively higher temperatures. These extreme conditions require special materials to provide an acceptable seal in these environments. Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are often the best option for reliability, longevity and economy.

Perfluoroelastomers have been available for some time, but due to difficulties in processing, have not been readily available in the same shapes as other polymers. Custom tooling has been required for almost all products.  Precision Associates, long a leader in precision molded rubber seals, is now applying our unique rubber molding processes and skills to making P-REX™ Perfluoroelastomer FFKM seals.

Our proprietary molding process allows us to produce smaller molded seals in shapes that other molding methods do not permit, with the added capability of holding tighter than industry standard tolerances.

For applications without ultra low particulate requirements, we can, in many cases, use standard tooling. With molds for over 2,500 O-Ring sizes, we are able to quickly produce proto-type and short-run quantities in sizes being used today.

Our on-site mold making facility enables us to tool up for special items readily at a modest fee.

Standard P-REX™ compounds are:

P-REX™ 34860 for applications requiring a broad range of chemical resistance in applications at temperatures up to 428°F (220°C)

P-REX™ 34831 for applications that require chemical resistance and excellent compression set in applications at temperatures up to 572°F (300°C)

P-REX™ compounds for special applications include: 34624 - Clear, 34765 - White FDA, 34744 - Black FDA, and 34931 - a 90 Duro high temperature material.

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