X-ring Seals Run Circles Around O-rings!

Product Announcement from Precision Associates Incorporated

What Makes X-Ring Seals Better?

  • Twice the Sealing Surface — Multi-lobed design provides more sealing surfaces than standard O-Rings.


  • Prolonged Seal Life – With multiple seal points, less squeeze is required to provide an effective seal. Less friction and wear will increase seal life and lower maintenance costs.


  • Prevents Spiral Failure – The “X” profile creates a stable seal that is more resistant to rolling in the groove than an O-Ring when used in a dynamic application.


  • Reduced Leakage – Parting lines of X-Ring seals are located in the valley between the lobes away from the critical sealing surface.


  • Better Lubricant Retention – Grooves on the inside and outside diameter of these rings retain lubricant thereby lowering friction and extending packing life.


  • Less Force, Better Seal – Lower breakaway force and reduced operating pressures make them ideal inreciprocating applications.


  • The Right Fit – X-Rings will fit in standard O-Ring grooves.


X-Ring Seals are available “off the shelf” in standard 70 duro NBR— Compound 5716

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