Complex Ceramic Assemblies for Surgical/Medical

Product Announcement from Precision Ferrites and Ceramics, Inc. (PFC)

Complex Ceramic Assemblies for Surgical/Medical -Image

Precision Ferrites & Ceramics (PFC) has achieved a niche place in design and production of ceramic implants and complex ceramic assemblies for surgical tools, medical instrumentation, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. We have a thorough knowledge of the needs, procedures and specifications of the medical industry worldwide.

Medical Applications:

  • Hermetic miniature implantable devices
  • Optical probes and high vacuum viewports
  • Sapphire window assembly for endoscopes and other medical imaging devices
  • Orthodontic Brackets
  • Knuckle Implants
  • Hermetic seals for biomedical sensors
  • X-Ray Tube Base; Leak tight to 10-10atm/cc/se
  • Brazed Surgical Retractor
  • Coronary Probes
  • Analytical Equipment components
  • Cauterization blades