Nanofluor® Y75G nano-filled elastomer seal

Product Announcement from Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.

Elastomers that are highly plasma or chemically resistant have traditionally been synonymous with high inorganic filler content and/or, large micron+ sized filler particles - with the obvious risks of contaminating wafers.

Alternative fully organic or unfilled materials reduce the risk of contamination however; the potential for particle generation is not completely eliminated and such materials generically have higher chemical erosion rates in aggressive environments.

Nanofluor® Y75G is a NEW seal material that uses a specialised non-metallic, inorganic nano-filler specially compounded to ensure a highly uniform dispersion within the matrix. What's more, this new material leads the field in benchmark testing in various plasma sources.


  • Low filler content
  • Nano-filler particle size 25nm-50nm
  • Ultra-uniform filler dispersal
  • Highly fluorinated base polymer
  • High chemical and plasma resistance
  • Ultra-low total trace metal content
  • Data on process chemistry compatibility


  • Ultra-low erosion rates and low cost of consumables
  • Minimal risk of particle contamination and yield loss
  • Unchanged device electrical characteristics/specifications