Pharmaceutical - Medical Rubber Seals

Product Announcement from Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.

PPE offers a full range of sealing solutions for pharmaceutical and bio-analytical industries where both mechanical and chemical properties are crucial, and hygienic sealing capability is critical. PPE's grades of medical rubber have been specially developed to produce medical seals which withstand a wide range of process media, potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and aggressive cleaning regimes used to clean pipework and vessels.

PPE material grades are Federal Drug Administration FDA and United States Pharmacopeia USP Class VI compliant, and provide excellent mechanical performance and solvent resistance. Many grades are also thermally stable at high temperatures, and ideal for use in applications that require prolonged high temperature exposure or experience Clean-in-Place (CIP), Steam-in-Place (SIP) and Stage II sterilization.

Perlast® perfluoroelastomer medical seals provide the ultimate in thermal and chemical resistance.  By using Perlast® seals, many manufacturers of process equipment have been able to extend the operating capability of their original equipment without expensive valve and pump redesigns. Lower overall cost of ownership can be achieved through a combination of increased seal life and reduced process downtime.

Medical rubber sealing components include standard and non-standard sized O-rings, gaskets, butterfly valve seats and inflatable seals for ball segment valves. These are available in a range of elastomer material grades compliant with FDA and USP Class VI standards, offering a full range of medical seals for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

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