Sealing solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Product Announcement from Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.

Semi-conductor production environments represent some of the most aggressive environments encountered by seals. Seals have to be made of ultra-pure materials, survive extreme temperatures and a mixture of fluorinated gases. For these reasons, seals for the semi-conductor industry are at the cutting edge of materials technology.

Our team of scientists and technicians has created a comprehensive range of specially developed high performance compounds for use in critical semiconductor environments. These materials are able to withstand temperatures up to 327°C (621°F) in aggressive media, whilst providing benefits such as extended maintenance cycles, reduced particle generation and lower chamber leakage rates.

PPE's semiconductor product range includes O-rings, slit valve doors, KF/ISO/NW fittings, wafer handling components and custom components.

The latest generation of Perlast® Perfluoroelastomers offer enhanced performance, improved functionality, excellent chemical resistance, minimal contamination and increased seal life expectancy in both wet and dry wafer processes.

The Kimura® range of high performance elastomer materials utilize a controlled molecular architecture which provides a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers of any kind.  This high purity material breaks new ground in elastomer technology,
developed specifically for aggressive semiconductor applications.  


All semiconductor materials and components are processed in two custom-designed clean rooms totaling 4,500sq.ft, to avoid atmospheric contamination which can lead to a reduction in wafer yield.