Price Pump adds to it's line of VFD controllers

Product Announcement from Price Pump Company

Price Pump adds to it's line of VFD controllers-Image

Price Pump adds to it's line of variable frequency drives (VFD) and continues to offer fast deliveries, free installation support, easy start-up and low maintenance for its users. No special VFD knowledge is required, as Price Pump will program the initial parameter settings prior to shipping your VFD - Free of Charge!

The S500, D700 and E700 drives cover a range from 1/8 to 20 horsepower and offer sensor-less vector and closed loop control, auto-tuning and 150% over current for 1 minute.

The S500, D700 and E700 drives offer all the popular features of today's drives, including dynamic braking, PID control, and RS485 MODBUS communication plus advanced magnetic vector control with the option of encoder feedback for enhanced speed control. FR Configurator software is available for PC interfacing for set-up, operation and troubleshooting.

Price Pump drives are affordable, UL, cUL, CE approved and RoHS compliant. These compact inverters offering precise V/Hz control with many advanced application features and a standard, 5 year warranty.

Contact Price Pump for all your VFD requirements and application questions.