H160ZFP Foot Pedal System

Product Announcement from Prior Scientific, Inc.

H160ZFP Foot Pedal System -Image

Prior Scientific's H160ZFP Foot Pedal System provides a provides a cost- effective remote focusing solution for a variety of applications. Units can be fitted on virtually any new or existing microscope with coaxial coarse and fine focus. The H160ZFP improves ergonomics while reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Units are simple and easy to operate and provides quick, precise, maintainable focus at various speeds. The small footprint allows optimal placement on desk or bench top. The economical design provides a cost-effective remote focusing solution that provides hands free operation for surgical procedures and similiar applications. All H160ZFP Foot Pedal Systems include a control box with on/off switch, speed control, drive motor, foot pedals, focus mount and focus sleeve to match your new or existing microscope.