SADiE PCM-H128 Multi-Channel Recorder/Editor

Product Announcement from Prism Sound


The SADiE PCM-H128 system is a multitrack digital recorder which can benefit from the full range of SADiE editing and processing features which comprise SADiE 6 software.

The PCM-H128 can slot seamlessly into a range of traditional analogue or digital studios, with modular I/O available in multiples of 16 channels up to 128 in 128 out. The PCM-H128 comes in two form factors: the 4u MADI version and the 10u "Expander" version. The former provides digital I/O only on MADI interfaces. The latter provides an expansion chassis into which can be plugged a range of cards known as "slithers" providing flexible combinations of analogue and digital I/O options. The Expander section has slots for up to 24 slithers, allowing for configurations that include up to 128 channels of Analogue and digital I/O. The available cards are:

  • 16 channel mic/line - analogue microphone/line input card
  • 16 channel D/A - analogue line output card
  • 16 channel AES3 - digital I/O card

Two different software interfaces are available according to the intended use: firstly, the MTR (MultiTrack Recorder) software is a streamlined, one-window interface which offers quick and easy control over stream and stem record enabling, locating, and drop in/out; secondly, the full SADiE 5 workstation software is available for more complex mixing, editing, processing, and post-production sessions.


  • range of optional multi-channel interfaces
  • scaleable real-time architecture
  • up to 192kHz/24bit audio
  • SD2, AIFF, WAV, BWF file support
  • professional plug-ins and DirectX support
  • sample accurate waveform editing
  • segment based automation
  • HUI protocol support for Yamaha™, Mackie and SSL mixer control
  • background recording/backup
  • multitrack editing
  • project management
  • background recording/backup
  • backup to AIT, DDS, DLT, DVD-RAM
  • high speed Windows™ compatible networking
  • 19" rack mount hardware


For taking a multitrack recorder to a venue equipped with a digital desk, a PCM-H128 MADI system is the most compact and easily-rigged option. Offering 128 channels of MADI (and MADI-X) recording in a 4U rack, it is easily connected to the console and can record audio directly to the required format, whether WAV, AIFF or SDII, using primary and mirrored secondary disks. So whether you're delivering the recording for post-production by SADiE, Pro Tools, Fairlight or any other workstation, as soon as the show is over, the audio drives may be removed and taken away without any delay, or the audio can be transferred over a network connection. As a location recorder, SADiE is a highly efficient multi-format audio acquisition tool.


Equipped with up to 128 channels of IO (MADI, AES3, or analogue mic/line) the PCM-H128 system slots into a music studio in place of a multitrack tape recorder. All track arming, locating, and transport controls are controllable from a console via 9-pin, and SADiE will perform perfectly in a machine room without ever drawing attention to itself. When it comes to mixing and processing, the resolution and sound quality of SADiE's onboard processing is a step above anything else which is usually used in a music studio. Imagine having mastering-quality sound and processing accuracy over all 128 channels - that's just one of the benefits of using SADiE in a multitrack environment.

The best news is the price. If you're seeking a large-scale multitrack recorder that represents remarkable value for money, contact your SADiE dealer or representative and prepare to be very pleasantly surprised.