Air Motors for Medical and Industrial

Product Announcement from Pro-Dex, Inc.

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The Pro-Dex Custom Motor Team responds to your design needs and customizes air motors to fit virtually any small size and high-power application. Specific requirements for mounting, autoclaving, and speed-to-torque ratios can be accommodated. Pro-Dex maintains design, engineering and production staff all under one roof, which reduces development and lead times.

Pro-Dex motors meet your demanding needs of torque and speed. At only 3/4 inch in diameter, these precision motors produce stall torques from 2.8 in-oz to 1200 in-oz, at free speeds of 40,000 RPM to 7 RPM. Motors are available with either direct drive or internal gearing.


  • Operates on compressed air, nitrogen or other inert gases at pressures up to 150 PSI
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Advanced rotor blade design and highly polished cylinder for continuous operation
  • Precision ball bearings virtually eliminates friction and wear
  • Motors remain cool, even when operated under continuous load
  • Repeated stalling, instant reversing will not harm the motor
  • Spark-free operation is suitable for use in contaminated, wet or explosive environments
  • Instant on, instant off, no wind-up or coasting
  • Hardened planetary gear system provides increased torque transmission capabilities and long life
  • Lower air consumption than larger motors conserves energy

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