Cartridge Dust Collectors - INTERCEPT™ Vertical

Product Announcement from ProVent LLC

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Intercept™ V-Series Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors capture and remove most industrial and foundry dusts from exhaust system air. A unique CAM-LOC cartridge locking mechanism securely seals the cartridge header plate to the tube sheet to prevent dust bypass. A variety of system configurations are available to accommodate space restrictions. Modules are available in one, two or three cartridge widths, and depths up to four cartridges.

Pulse cleaning process Continuous Cleaning-Process: To prolong the life of the cartridge filters, each cartridge filter is cleaned by a high pressure pulse of airflow through the filter center. This 'pulse' of reverse airflow blows the collected dust off the outside of the filter cartridges and is collected in the hopper below. The pulse filter cleaning operation is pre-set to clean filters simultaneously while maintaining normal equipment operation. On-Demand Cleaning Process: To save expensive plant air, the Photohelic Gage (provided as a standard feature) can be set to clean only when required by the level of collected contaminants. After Hours Cleaning Process: An off-timer is provided for continuous cartridge blowdown up to ten minutes after the fan operation is shut off. This allows for smaller particulate to be removed from the system and avoids re-entrainment.

The Intercept design allows for access to the entire dirty air chamber through a single cartridge plenum access door. Filter change-out and chamber cleaning is accomplished without removing several doors or covers. Integral fans can be installed integral to the machine on the top of the unit on the clean air side of the process. Supplied integral exhaust fans are centrifugal flat bladed and backward inclined for maximum efficiency and limited load characteristics. All fans are mounted on a plug-in type motor and drive pedestal and are direct connected to the fan motor where possible so that unit performance can be tuned to exact system requirements. Exhaust fans can be supplied external to the dust collector on any size unit. Consult the factory for assistance with a selection best suited for the application.

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