Wet Dust Collector - UNI-WASH™

Product Announcement from ProVent LLC

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Uni-Wash™ Wet Type Dust Collectors are self-contained, water recirculating type machines for removal of combustible affluent from a variety of industrial processes.  Soluble dusts from food processes and biodegradables is also a perfect fit for wet dust collection.  Cleaned, dried air may be returned back into the plant for substantial energy savings.

Installation is simple: Units are ready for immediate hook-up to water, drain, ducts and electric power. The compact design requires minimum floor space. Shipped in sections or fully assembled, depending on size, systems are generally ready for immediate start-up.

Water is continuously agitated by the suction of the air through the machine. There are no nozzles, piping or water pumps to clean, repair or replace. Pressure consumption and horse power requirement is among the lowest available. The consumption of water is negligible. Only normal evaporation occurs and the water loss is replenished automatically. Collected sludge is easily removed from the sloping tank via the tank access doors, or through the use of optional automatic sludge removal equipment.

Wet type dust collectors are designed for the capture of wettable and sinkable contaminants. These systems employ a unique, patented five-stage filtration system for scrubbing particulate out of the air and collecting it as wet sludge in the following process:

1) by striking the turbulent water surface in the water tank section of the machine

2) then passing through a vertical water curtain

3) and scrubbed though a water cascade on cone walls

4) before passing through a horizontal water curtain and

5) buffeted through the moisture separator section before fan entry and clean-air exhaust out of the machine

Small capacity systems are offered from 500 to 3000 CFM (Models UC-5 to UC-30). Units in this range feature a small, cylindrical shape effective in removal of heavy dust concentrations at a single machine operation, or lighter dust concentrations collected from a small group of machine operations. These smaller units are ideal for tool rooms or individual installations with large milling machines, grinders, etc. The collector outlet direction can be changed by rotating the fan housing. The blower is directly connected to the motor.

Mid-range capacity models from 4000 to 12,500 CFM (Models UC-40 to UC-125). These mid-size systems are driven by one fan assembly integral to the unit, located on the clean air side. The system size is suitable for capture of all types of wettable industrial dusts where the dust loading is moderate to heavy. The number of scrub chambers increases as a function of the unit size, based on 2000 cfm (57 m3/min) per chamber, on Models UC-40 and UC-60. Model UC-50 and UC-75 through UC-125 utilize multiple scrub chambers based on 2500 (71 m3/min) per chamber.

Large capacity models from 15,000 to 30,000 CFM (Models UC-150 to UCBD-300) are recommended for larger installations. These systems should be utilized where unusually long ducting is required, where heavy or course dusts which are difficult to convey must be captured, or where hazardous or toxic materials necessitate more thorough exhaust. The inlets may be either horizontal or vertical and exhaust is of the upblast type. All large capacity units are belt driven.

Optional Features

  • NFPA Combustible Metals Standard 484 Compliance
  • Electronic Water Level Control
  • Stainless Steel Housing Construction
  • Automatic Single and Dual Strand Sludge Conveyors (4000 CFM units and higher)
  • Frequency Drives and Soft Start Controllers


  • Metal Finishing
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Biomedical manufacturing
  • Shot Peening, Sand Blasting