Tube Forming and Tube Machining

Service Detail from Production Tube Cutting, Inc.

Tube Forming and Tube Machining-Image

Engineering and experience

  • Highly-trained engineering staff and current CAD
  • Valuable combination of tube technology and tube experience enables us to suggest a better or more cost-effective way to produce your cut parts
  • Capability to build custom machines that meet your precise needs and cut part requirements
  • Internal toolmakers with metallurgy experience ensures quality and expedites production


  • Engineered tubes and tailored blanks
  • Bending, piercing and notching of tubes
  • High strength steel and all other types of materials
  • .010" to 6" diameter tubes in a variety of wall sizes
  • Flaring, swaging and all types of end finishes and radii
  • Custom tube fabrication from prototype to production run