Do You Have An Unusual Noise Or Vibration Problem?

Product Announcement from Prosig USA, Inc.

Do You Have An Unusual Noise Or Vibration Problem?-Image

Have you got an issue with noise or vibration that is a little out of the ordinary? Can't find the right tool to help you solve it? Prosig have been measuring and analyzing noise & vibration for over 30 years. You can believe us when we say we've seen it all.

Here is just a small selection of the more unusual applications we've worked on...

  • Evaluation of Vibration in Industrial Packaging Robot
  • Measurement of Vibration and Pressure in Rocket Motor
  • Human Exposure to Vibration on Trains
  • Brake Squeal Evaluation on High Performance Vehicle
  • Testing in Low Temperature Transonic Wind Tunnel
  • Motorcycle Helmet Safety Compliance Testing
  • Monitoring Flow in New Domestic Water Meter
  • Investigation of New Road Surface Materials
  • Pre-build Assessment of Vibration in Tower Block
  • Testing Seats Against ISO/ANSI Standards

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