Have You Outgrown Your Sound Level Meter?

Product Announcement from Prosig USA, Inc.

Have You Outgrown Your Sound Level Meter?-Image

Sound Level Meters are good at what they do, but they only go so far. What do you do when you need a little more from your noise measurement system? That's where Prosig's P8000 hardware & DATS software comes in. Prosig can provide anything from a single audio channel up to 1024 microphone inputs. Need to measure sound levels? Prosig's DATS software has a range of SLM options, but also adds

  • sound power measurements
  • sound intensity
  • room acoustics
  • 1/nth octave filters
  • transmission loss
  • impedance tube
  • sound quality metrics (loudness, AI etc)
  • psychoacoustic metrics (sharpness, roughness etc)

The same Prosig hardware & software can also be extended to applications such as

  • sound quality audio replay
  • sound mapping/acoustic camera
  • source path analysis

Take a look at what Prosig has to offer and discover how a Prosig system can take your acoustic measurements to the next level.

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