Increase Income With Mobile Vibration Monitoring

Product Announcement from Prosig USA, Inc.

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Undetected vibration issues can lead to damage, unplanned outages and loss of income. High quality vibration monitoring using Prosig’s PROTOR-mobile can detect these problems, monitor them and assist in scheduling maintenance. PROTOR-mobile is the ideal, investigative tool for vibration condition monitoring of rotating machinery. It is available as a highly portable 16-channel unit or as 32-channel units for larger jobs. PROTOR-mobile’s portable vibration monitoring will increase efficiency, improve safety and lower costs.

PROTOR-mobile is a flexible, portable vibration condition monitoring solution designed to suit a number of different requirements. It can easily be taken to site, configured and then left running, unattended, for hours, days or even months. If required the system can be connected to a LAN, WAN or VPN and accessed remotely.

The data acquisition hardware in the PROTOR-mobile system can take data from accelerometers, velocity or displacement probes. The system supports ICP transducers and has fully programmable signal conditioning. PROTOR-mobile signal inputs are true-differential. high common-mode and so suitable for all transducer signals in an industrial environment. PROTOR-mobile can be used alongside any existing protection or supervisory system, in cases where raw signals are shared then high-impedance galvanic isolation can be fitted as an option.

The software contains all of the same monitoring facilities as Prosig's world renowned PROTOR system.

Visualizations include

  • runups
  • mimic diagrams
  • rundowns
  • orbits
  • vector plots
  • FFTs
  • trend plots
  • order plots
  • Bode plots
  • waterfalls
  • shaft gaps displays
  • many more.

Alert processing options include

  • order & overall amplitude exceedance
  • exceeding elliptical boundaries in amplitude & phase
  • exceeding difference in RMS & sum of harmonics
  • exceeding subsynchronous amplitude
  • step alerts
  • banded spectra alerts
  • vibration alerts dependent upon plant process parameters
  • filtering of wild alerts.

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