Product Announcement from Protect-Air-by Tri-matic AG


The SaveAir® regulator is an independent membrane regulator that can be installed in every compressed air system. It supplies a constant, exact outlet pressure regardless of the input pressure. The pressure is factory-set and cannot be changed. SaveAir® prevents "dynamic pressure waste". This arises when the pressure and throughput at the withdrawal point are unnecessarily higher than those specified by the manufacturer to achieve the desired function. "Dynamic pressure waste" is extremely costly, a waste of energy that may be found throughout industry.


  • Supplies tools exclusively with the specified pressure
  • No pressure gauge needed
  • Prevents compressed air waste
  • Saves energy - reduces costs
  • Highly reliable
  • Locked to prevent pressure change - tamper proof
  • Small and compact
  • Increases tool service life


  • Piping and compressed air systems
  • Compressed air used in automation fur actuation
  • Control, feeding or transportation
  • "Pick and Place"-Units in automatic assembly systems