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  • Industry Expertise
    • Design Guidelines Learn more about general design requirements for injection molding and specific requirements for rapid injection molding.
    • Material Selection Review a guide to choosing resins for injection molding, a list of resins that we keep on hand, links to manufacturers and other resin resources, and resin coloring information.
    • Frequently Asked Questions Do you have questions about Protomold or some aspect of the rapid injection process? Lots of people do, so chances are good that we've heard yours before. If so, you'll find the answer here.
    • Glossary Find the definition to any rapid injection molding term that you are not familiar with.
    • Stork Plastic Test Report
    • Designing for Moldability A quick-reference user guide on rapid injection molding for engineers and designers.
  • Protomold
    • Applications And Pricing See a list of typical Protomold applications and pricing.
    • Protomold Process Find out how Protomold does it. Nobody's faster in the shortrun!®
    • Customer Testimonials We think our process is pretty cool, but don't just take our word for it. See what Protomold customers are saying.
    • Links Links to related information.
  • Publications
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