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Protect Sensors with Robust Pyromation Thermowells

Featured Product from Pyromation

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Pyromation's range of thermowells is engineered for precision and durability in demanding industrial environments. Each thermowell is designed to provide a pressure-tight seal, ensuring the longevity and accuracy of temperature sensors in process applications where direct sensor exposure is not viable due to mechanical or chemical incompatibilities.

Our product line includes:

  • Threaded Thermowells: For easy installation and removal in dynamic systems.
  • Van Stone Thermowells: Featuring a two-piece construction for improved stress distribution.
  • Socket-Weld and Weld-In Thermowells: Ideal for permanent installations, offering robust integration.
  • Flanged Thermowells: Providing a secure connection in high-pressure systems.

Key Advantages:

  • Sensor Protection: Thermowells shield sensitive temperature sensors from harsh process environments, extending sensor lifespan.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Facilitate sensor replacement without needing to halt the process flow or drain the system, crucial for maintaining operational continuity in high-pressure pipelines.
  • Standardization: Our standardized designs allow for easy sensor relocation across different parts of a plant, aiding in flexible process management and system upgrades.

Pyromation thermowells are proven in various industries, offering a reliable solution for temperature measurement challenges.

Thermowell Types Available

  • Standard-Duty Threaded Thermowells
  • Heavy-Duty Threaded Thermowells
  • Straight-Shank Threaded Thermowells
  • Limited Space Thermowells
  • Straight-Shank, Socket Weld Thermowells
  • Heavy-Duty, Socket Weld Thermowells
  • Reduced-Tip, Socket Weld Thermowells
  • Weld-In Thermowells
  • Sanitary Weld-In Thermowells
  • Standard Flanged Thermowells
  • Heavy-Duty, Flanged Thermowells
  • Reduced-Tip, Flanged Thermowells
  • Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowells
  • Straight Van Stone Thermowells
  • Reduced-Tip Van Stone Thermowells
  • Sanitary Connected Thermowells
  • W81 Series Sanitary Weld-In Thermowells