New Electronic/Analog Accelerometer (E/AA)

Product Announcement from QED, Inc.

New Electronic/Analog Accelerometer (E/AA)-Image

Used in trainer and transport aircraft worldwide, the new Electronic/Analog Accelerometer ( E/AA ) uses solid state electronics and is designed to respond accurately to all levels of acceleration input.

The new E/AA's dial, pointers and reset are identical to the first generation accelerometer. The new system drives the dynamic pointer smoothly through the entire range, moving the tell-tale pointers with an authority not found in prior instruments. With no detectable hysterisis, the E/AA is more repeatable than similar cockpit accelerometers.

Backed by a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship, QED's accelerometers are designed to completely replace the existing instrument. Although the materials used in the E/AA's exposed areas are identical to those in the original accelerometer, the new E/AA is noticeably different with a smooth, steady sweep of the pointers. The repeatability of the electrical drive system, coupled with solid state electronics, further enhance reliability and maintainability and improve user confidence in the values displayed.

The instrument's mounting holes are unchanged for easy retrofitting into existing panels and the envelope is the same as the original. With the elimination of the seismic drive mechanism, the locking knob in the back of the cockpit accelerometer has been removed. Two 28 VDC wires and one ground wire for power differentiate the new E/AA from the prior mechanical accelerometer.