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Miter Gears for Industrial Applications

Featured Product from QTC METRIC GEARS

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Miter gears are a type of bevel gears where the shafts intersect at 90° and the gear ratio is 1:1. When selecting a gear, the most important factor is gear strength. Designed to withstand demanding torques and speeds the QTC METRIC GEARS stock miter gears provide reliable performance for industrial applications.

QTC METRIC GEARS offers stock miter gears in both spiral and straight tooth. Spiral miter gears are offered in Modules 1 thru 10 with both cut and ground tooth surface finish. Features include superior performance where high speed, low noise, and low vibration are required, secondary operations are possible, and wide range of numbers of teeth are available. Straight miter gears are available in a variety of materials, some suited for food machinery, office machines, and more. Available modules are 0.5 thru 15. Tooth surface finish is cut, sintered, and injection molded. Secondary operations are possible.

Product detail, technical information, and 3D CAD models are available online. Shop QTC METRIC GEARS.


About QTC METRIC GEARS a Designatronics Inc. brand

QTC METRIC GEARS was established in 1993 in response to the combination of an ever-increasing need for metric gears and a strong growth in demand for power transmission products. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive selection of stock metric gears, QTC METRIC Gears supplies North America with high-quality, off-the-shelf components and customized gear solutions for thousands of applications.