QTC METRIC GEARS: New Metric Gear Catalog

Featured Product from QTC METRIC GEARS

Hicksville, NY – QTC METRIC GEARS, the leading supplier of metric gears for North America is proud to announce the release of its new 2015 Metric Gear Catalog, Q430, in print and digital versions. Plant managers and purchasing agents rely heavily on this catalog for metric gears for all industrial applications. The 2015 edition includes over 20,000 configurations of standardized items available for replacement and large production quantities.

In addition to thousands of new products, this catalog features detailed product specifications, characteristics, selection tips, and application information. "We've created a catalog that makes it easier and faster for our customers to identify the exact gear product they need," says Kathy Lantier, QTC Gears, "making it a valuable resource in print and online."

The QTC METRIC GEAR catalog is sectioned by gear type into 11 categories: Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Internal Gears, Racks, Gearboxes, Miter Gears, Bevel Gears, Screw Gears, Worm Gear pairs and others. Available sizes, Module 1 thru 10, are featured. The product catalog is free and may be requested at http://qtcgears.com/tools/catalogs/metricgears.php. The digital catalog is available online for both desktop and mobile devices.