Worm Gears & Worm Wheels from QTC Metric Gears

Featured Product from QTC METRIC GEARS

These worm gears and worm wheels from QTC Metric Gears provides over 403 ways to transmit motion at a 90° angle to the shaft as an ideal solution to many power transmission design applications. They are available in modules 0.5 to 6 and in speed ratios of 1/10 to 1/20, made in a variety of materials and styles.

These hobbed worm gears, identified as the KWG... (worm shafts) and AG... Series (worm wheels) are stocked in 4140 alloy steel for the worms and CAC702 aluminum bronze for the worm wheels. Bore diameters for worm gears range from 4 mm to 250 mm and worm shaft lengths range from 13 mm to 32.5 mm.

QTC Metric Gears is your complete source for metric gears and gear products. With 9700 configurations of 150 standard items we are able to meet the ever increasing demand for metric gears for both replacement and OEM production quantities in power transmission applications.

Quotes, online orders, and 3D CAD models are available on our estore at https://shop.sdp-si.com/catalog/?brand=qtc.

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