Small, Fused-Silica LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens

Featured Product from Qioptiq

Small, Fused-Silica LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens-Image

Qioptiq introduces its new LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens for 1900-2000nm. The small, fused silica lens for scanning areas up to 177x177mm² at a wavelength of 1900-2000nm is ideal for high power applications requiring reduced thermal focus shift including melting processes such as polymer welding, clear plastic welding and 3D structuring/selective laser etching of glass and silicon.

Featuring a shorter focal length compared to existing F-Theta-Ronar scan lenses, the 265mm lens for 1900-2000nm results in smaller overall size. It also delivers a large scan field of up to 177x177mm2 with the same minimum spot size of 94µm, as compared to existing scan lenses with a focal length of 354mm for 1900-2000nm.

The LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 265mm Lens is one out of many available lenses from Qioptiq, which offers a range of telecentric and non-telecentric lenses with varying focal lengths. Additional product attributes of the F-Theta-Ronar 265mm lens include:

  • Entrance beam diameter of up to 10mm resulting in a spot size of 94µm
  • Complete fused-silica design
  • Focal lengths for 1900-2000nm ranging from 265mm to 437mm, tolerance ±1 %
  • Screw thread M85x1
  • Transmission ≥ 96 % at 1940n
  • Interchangeable protective glass