2.3-5GHz Single Channel Compact Switch-LNA

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The QPB9850 is a highly integrated front-end module targeted for 5G TDD systems. The switch LNA module integrates an LNA with a high-power handling switch which
can be used as a failsafe path to termination when radio is in transmitting mode. LNAs can also be powered down during Tx mode via SW control pin on the module.
The QPB9850 provides 33 dB of gain at 3.6 GHz with  1.2 dB noise figure while providing a high linearity of 33 dBm.
The QPB9850 is packaged in a RoHS-compliant, compact 3 mm x 3 mm LGA package. The switch LNA module is targeted for 5G wireless infrastructure applications
configured for TDD-based architectures.