3.0 - 5.0 GHz, 100 Ohm Differential Output Gain Block - QPA9124

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The QPA9124 is a 50Ω single-ended input to 100 Ω differential output, wideband gain block. It is well suited as the 5G m-MIMO BTS Rx path final gain stage, to directly interface with the ADC of the transceiver, eliminating the need for a discrete balun.

This amplifier delivers exceptional performance with 20.5 dB of small signal gain and 34.5 dBm output 3rd order intercept (OIP3). The amplifier has excellent gain flatness of 0.5 dB over any 400 MHz bandwidth and a CMRR of 35dB. The amplifier features a shut-down function through VPD pin control.

The QPA9124 is optimized over 3.0-5.0 GHz band and is housed in a compact 2X2mm SMT package.

Typical Applications

  • 5G m-MIMO
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • General Purpose Wireless
  • TDD / FDD System