75 Ohm CATV Amplifier 50-1800MHz, 22dB

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The QPL1820 is an ultra-linear, GaAs pHEMT, differential RF amplifier. The device features a cascode design which provides 22 dB of flat gain along with very low distortion from 5 MHz to 1.8 GHz. This ultra-linear IC is designed to support Broadband CATV DOCSIS 4.0 applications, such as Nodes, Amplifiers, and Remote PHY Devices, as well as Fiber to The Home (FTTH), Home Gateways, and Cable Modems. The device is powered by a single supply that can operate from 5 V to 8 V and current can be set from 260 mA to 350 mA. At 5 V and 260 mA the QPL1820 provides an output of 63 dBmV TCP with a MER of 45 dB. When driven with 8 V and 350 mA the output is 67 dBmV TCP with a MER of 45 dB. The QPL1820 is packaged in a 12-pin 5 x 5 mm2 Laminate Module.