Qosina Offers Clamps for High-Pressure Connections

Featured Product from Qosina Corp.

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Qosina is pleased to stock a variety of Oetiker® stainless steel, non-greased StepLess® ear clamps that can be used in a wide range of applications across multiple industries. These clamps are ideal for high-pressure connections where leakage is a concern, providing a more secure connection than standard plastic securing clamps.

Qosina’s line of Oetiker® StepLess® ear clamps range in size from 0.378 inch closed to 1.421 inches open, with band width options of 5 mm and 7 mm. The clamps’ StepLess® tongue-in-groove design exerts pressure and eliminates steps and/or overlaps on the inner circumference of the clamp, providing a 360° leak-free seal.

Qosina also carries Oetiker® clamping tools for installation and removal of the clamps. These single and compound action pincers and cutting tools are designed to provide optimal performance for high-strength connections and are perfect for tight space constraints.