Inline Ultrasonic Processing of Nanomaterials

Product Announcement from Qsonica, LLC

Inline Ultrasonic Processing of Nanomaterials-Image

Flocells offer inline or continuous processing of large sample volumes. Flocells are ideal for mixing, dispersing and deagglomerating nanoparticles. The Qsonica 4583 model is powered by the 1375 watt Sonicator and is capable of processing 20 liters per minute (degree of processing needed and sample viscosity can affect flow rate).

The unprocessed sample is introduced through the bottom inlet and passes across a specially designed ultrasonic inline probe. The degree of processing can be controlled by adjusting the intensity of sonication as well as flow rate.

Batch volumes can be recirculated through the system multiple times if increased sonication time is needed. Multiple units can be used in succession to reduce processing time and/or maintain a higher flow rate. The Flocell has a water jacket for coolant if needed.

Part No. Q1375F includes:

  • Q1375 Sonicator
  • #4583 Flocell