DataMax® Extreme Cat 5e Coil Cord

Featured Product from Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

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Cabling Problem

Coil cords or retractile cords have been available for some time for power and control applications. But retractile cords for Ethernet applications have been difficult to achieve. Some coil cords sourced both domestic and offshore are marketed as “Category 5e”, but do not actually pass electricals when tested (and when brand new, never mind after millions of cycles!). This has forced automation engineers and machine designers to get “creative” when selecting a cable for applications where a coiled Ethernet option would be the better choice. Cables that retract with the help of a mechanical device, or that can be wound up using a hand crank are just some of the work-arounds that add complexity, cost more money, and take up more space.

Quabbin® Solution

With 25+ years expertise in the design and production of superior performance data cables. Our engineers see real world challenges as design opportunities. We proudly introduce DataMax® Extreme EtherCoil — the first true Category 5e cable that is rugged enough to survive the harsh process required to turn a straight cable into a retractile cord with the “memory” needed to provide millions of extension/retraction cycles, without sacrificing electrical performance.

  • Available as cords or bulk cable to be coiled
  • True Category 5e
  • Extension and Retraction tested to 4-6 million cycles (full test report)
  • Customizable
    • Coil body length
    • Coil OD (see options)
    • Tangents
    • Custom color availability
    • Jacket
    • Shielding
  • Ideal Applications
    • Space saving
    • Replace expensive retractable devices
    • Hand-held device connections
    • Robotics

Cord Selection

Choose from the following:

  • Cable Type
    • Coiled Cord with connectors
    • Bulk Cable designed specifically for coiling (skip to Question 6 for bulk cable)
  • Coil Body length 6 inches to 8 feet (6”-8')
  • Mandrel Size (coil OD determined by cable OD and mandrel OD)
    • 3/8”
    • 7/16”
    • 1/2”
    • 5/8”
    • 3/4”
    • 1”
  • Tangent A Direction
    • Horizontal
    • Dropped
  • Tangent B Direction
    • Horizontal
    • Dropped
  • Jacket Material
    • TPU
    • ZHAL TPU

To learn more, read the white paper or check out the coil cord test report, visit