Colored IEC Auto-Locks

Featured Product from Quail Electronics

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Quail Electronics, Inc. wants to anounce the newest addition to the Auto-Lock family. We are now offering RedBlue and Green Auto-Lock jumper cords in both IEC C13 and IEC C19 connectors. The Auto-Lock connectors are the best solution to keep your cords locked into place and now with the added benefit of colors you can easily keep your cords organized. Many lengths and styles are available to choose from.

IEC C14 to IEC C13 Auto-Lock Jumper Cords

These jumper cords are mainly used for servers, CPU's and network applications. The colors make great organizational tools so you can tell what is plugged into what. The cords are offered in 10A to 15A to power all of your devices. These jumper cords are UL and C-UL approved.


IEC C20 to IEC C19 Auto-Lock Jumper Cords

Servers and UPS's demanding more power would want to use our heavy duty jumper cables. The 12 gauge cords are made for larger power supplies as they are rated at 20A. The colors make it easier for you to organize all of your server power. These high voltage jumper cords are UL and C-UL approved.