Hospital Grade Power Strips

Featured Product from Quail Electronics

"Hospital grade power applications can be a little bit tricky. Unlike many other regions of the world any power requirements used in north american hospitals and medical offices have a very specific set of rules dictated by UL and CSA. The "green dot" hospital grade power cords are somewhat common, but many of our customers are asking for the "green dot" hospital grade power strips to compliment our offering of power cords. We now can supply fully approved hospital grade power strips with either a 6 foot or 15 foot power cord." -Greg Ruppert - General Manager - Quail Electronics, Inc.

These Powerstrips are now available for purchase. Please reference Part numbers 0310.PS6-6, and 0310.PS6-15. The most common lengths are 6ft & 15ft and are availiable at $53.95 per Power Strip. Discounted pricing is available for Quantity purchases.