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Measure Vibration to Protect Expensive Machinery

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Condition monitoring is the practice of using specialized tools, sensors and data to evaluate the operating condition of machinery and equipment. For example, QBC/BETEX VibChecker (TB-780202) collects data on vibration caused by bearings and other power transmission components, detecting misalignments that can lead to premature failure. Other tools measure temperature, lubrication and noise levels. All or a combination of these tools, when used as part of a regular maintenance program, can result in benefits.

VibChecker is used to trend vibration levels on fans, motors, pumps, compressors and other types of rotating process machinery. Vibration monitoring is a cost-effective predictive maintenance tool. In most cases, vibration measurement can detect a problem long before damage to the machine is done. The repair of equipment failing while in service is many times more costly than planned repairs made possible through vibration monitoring.

Many of today's factory managers are utilizing condition monitoring as a way to keep machinery operating at peak efficiencies. With the ability to identify potential problems long before damage occurs managers are achieving cost savings by reducing downtime and extending equipment life. 

  • Early detection of a problem
  • Identify a defective bearing
  • Detect misalignment
  • Less machine downtime
  • Alert to overheating
  • Greater productivity
  • Streamline troubleshooting
  • Identify need for lubrication
  • Lower equipment cost
  • Evaluate machines performance over time
  • Identify peak running conditions
  • Schedule regular maintenance based on data 

Not all machines require monitoring. Monitor new machinery to establish a baseline of performance and develop a maintenance schedule accordingly. Identify those machines having the biggest impact on productivity and monitor to avoid downtime. Simply taking readings once a day can provide enough data over time giving managers the ability to identify problems well before damage occurs. 

Quality Bearings & Components offers a large inventory of high quality bearings and linear motion products from major manufacturers. For more than 10 years QBC has provided solution oriented, high performing, safe, energy efficient and user friendly tools for the mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. Our services include bearing lubrication and maintenance capabilities. For the most comprehensive product selection, tools, services and outstanding customer services, depend on QBC.

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