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Snap-In USB C Power Supply Receptacle

Featured Product from Qualtek Electronics Corp.

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Qualtek, a leading manufacturer of AC receptacles and power supplies, has introduced a new snap-in USB Type C Power Supply Receptacle.  The QKRC-10-05, a 10W single USB Type C receptacle fits in the exact same locations as our popular NEMA style convenience outlets.

QKRC-10-05 is a self-contained receptacle system which does not require an external power supply.  Within the receptacle body is a power unit that converts the AC input to 5V 2A DC output power.  Installation only requires the receptacle to be snapped into your panel or system and then wiring the supplied 24-inch leads to your 120VAC input.  

QKRC-10-05’s compact patented design allows any system with our existing convenience outlets to add a powered USB C port without requiring any changes to your current panel cutouts, system design, or space constraints.  Current market solutions require a separate power supply to be mounted within a customer’s enclosure with wiring from the AC input power to the power supply, and then additional wiring from the power supply to the USB Type C receptacle.

Applications of QKRC-10-05 include but not limited to:

  • Outlet Strips
  • Pop-Up Power Outlets
  • Desktop lamps
  • PDU server racks
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Industrial applications