LUMOTAST 22 Emergency Stop Pushbutton

Featured Product from RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

LUMOTAST 22 from RAFI: space-saving emergency stop pushbutton with redundant NC contact

Thanks to their low mounting depth of 17.9 mm, the pushbuttons are ideally suited for integration in slim housings and in other devices with limited mounting space. For assembly, the emergency stop pushbuttons are inserted in 22.3 mm mounting holes from the front and fastened from the rear by means of a ring nut. 0.8 mm tab terminals enable fast and easy wiring. Lumotast 22 pushbuttons are supplied complete with a switch component and are available in three versions: with one redundant NC contact, with one redundant NC contact and one NO contact as well as with one redundant NC contact and white LED arrow illumination which indicates the switching status. The pushbutton is unlocked by turning it left or right. Thanks to its conical shape, the pushbutton cannot be blocked by jammed objects. The emergency stop buttons comply with DIN EN ISO 13850 and have protection type IP 65.