Adjustable Height Microscope Tables

Product Announcement from RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Adjustable Height Microscope Tables-Image

RDM Industrial-Duty Microscope Tables are the perfect solution for multiple users of one machine. The table adjusts smoothly from one position to the next, accomodating all o your users, short and tall.

  • Super Stable Lift Design
  • Hand Crank or Electric Motor Options available.
  • Great for use with other laboratory equipment
  • Optional Vibration-Damping Leveling Feet or Casters available.
  • Designed for all Laboratory
  • Suitable for Cleanroom Environments Up to Class 100 (Also Available in Stainless Steel for Higher Class Cleanrooms)
  • Great for Food Industry as well...
  • Optional Recessed Seating Area can be incorporaed into top design.
  • Many Multiple Seating Styles available (Call to Discuss)
  • As Manufacturer, we can customize to meet your specific needs.
 Play Adjustable Height Microscope Tables Video on YouTube