Create More with RDM Laboratory Furniture

Product Announcement from RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Create More with RDM Laboratory Furniture -Image

If you are looking to start a new laboratory or redesign an existing space, you may want to consider taking a look at the wide variety of Laboratory Furnishings that RDM has to offer. RDM Industrial Products offers laboratory tables, casework & cabinets, laboratory seating, mobile carts, and many more related furnishings.

Products Include:

  • Industrial-Duty Laboratory Furniture - Manufactured to Last a Lifetime.
  • Super Stable Lift Table Designs
  • Laboratory casework
  • Workbenches & Tables
  • Laboratory Seating
  • Laboratory Carts & Shelving
  • Solid Surface Laboratory Work Surfaces
  • Servicing many inincluding Semiconductor / Microelectronics, Biotechnology / Sciences, Healthcare, Food Industries, Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical, Machine Shops, Laboratories, Packaging / Shipping & Receiving Needs, Demonstration / Display Needs, General Purpose Needs, Educational / Training, and Clean Room / Advanced Technology Industries, Industrial Manufacturing, Military & More...
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