Active Tag RTF Systems for Asset Applications

Product Announcement from RFID, Inc.

Active Tag RTF Systems for Asset Applications-Image

Extend-a-Read2 Next Generation Release of Active Tag RTF Systems for Asset Applications

Semi-Active - Dual Frequency - 125 KHz - 433 MHz

Imagine 32 dock doors side by side, or 32 hospital rooms, or 32 offices, each with tagged assets or persons flowing in and out, or remaining stationary. Current LF 125 KHz or HF 13.56 MHz passive Tag systems offer far too little range to present a solution and Tag tamper proofing is very rudimentary. UHF passive Tags may garner more range but not enough often, Reader systems would be far too expensive to install in each area to be monitored, UHF's performance is detrimentally impacted by the presence of liquids (the human body) and by the mounting of Tags on metal surfaces without sufficient spacing, and tamper proof Tags are again very rudimentary. TTF (Tag Talk First) systems or beacon Tags at 433 MHz or 2.45 GHz which depend on multiple Readers to detect Tag signal strength and algorithms to triangulate Tag location can be more precise in locating a Tag within up to a foot or two, but these are very high end systems.

Enter RTF (Reader Talk First) dual frequency semi-active systems offering:

Ø Low to middle end solutions

Ø Much extended Tag battery life

Ø Tags with low battery alert via RF signal

Ø Tamper proof or movement notification Tags with continuous alarm broadcast

For more information on the Extend-a-Read2 follow this link to the datasheet on our corporate website - or give us a call at 303-366-1234