Collision Prevention System for Mining Industry

Product Announcement from RFID, Inc.

Collision Prevention System for Mining Industry-Image

RFID, Inc.'s Collision Alert System has helped the mining industry in preventing underground vehicles, also known as boggers, from colliding into other moving equipment in these rough and tumble environments.


In the mining industry, specifically in Australia, there are underground vehicles, which can be tractors or transport vehicles, are known as boggers. Now imagine driving through tunnels, not always well lit and with sight further limited by no rear or side view mirrors, where intersections provide no visibility as to what is traveling on the cross road. Mines have anywhere from a handful to dozens of boggers careening through their dark shafts.

Each of these vehicles is a major capital investment. If boggers collide, costs can be measured not only in the damage to the vehicles, but also in the downtime of an idle asset, to say nothing of the human safety element. In the Telfer Gold Mine three Landcruisers squashed by boggers over the past two years were written off at $80,000 (US) each. The Nifty Copper Mine had a Landcruiser squashed by a bogger, also costing $80K.

The problem: how to keep boggers from colliding. RFID, Inc., teamed with Pacific Automation, their longtime Australian distributor and technology partner located in Perth, Western Australia, to create a new product that solves this. The new Collision Alert System "sees around corners," a feature that took a good deal of time to develop. The solution is a highly customized, 433 MHz, long range active tag system.

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