Extend-a-Read RFID Solution from RFID, Inc.

Product Announcement from RFID, Inc.

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RFID, Inc.'s Extend-a-Read product is based on 433 MHz active (battery powered) anti-collision (read many simultaneously) Tags and a single Reader with whip Antenna thus not necessitating any further external components unless a range greater than 10 feet. is required. Tags simply emit a data signal every 1.8 to 2.2 seconds. The Reader simply receives the Tag data transmission.

Hands Free Personnel Identification, Asset Tracking

Placing a Tag on your asset or employee allows you to track, locate, identify the last known location or set off an alarm. Which employees are leaving and which of your assets are they carrying?

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

  • Fleet Tracking
  • Employee Parking Access
  • Private Parking Facilities
  • Sand & Gravel Yards
  • Weigh and Identify Payloads
  • Concrete Facilities
  • Gated Community Access

RFID Incorporated

  • Focused as a custom developer of RF solutions since 1984
  • Proprietary silicon and intellectual property rights
  • ISO standard interchangeable products
  • 4 Frequencies - Multiple Solutions