New Multi-function HF 13.56 MHz Reader from RFID

Product Announcement from RFID, Inc.

New Multi-function HF 13.56 MHz Reader from RFID-Image

RFID, Inc., has released a multi-function HF 13.56 MHz Reader. This Reader is capable of recognizing, reading and writing both ISO standards 15693 and 14443 A/B. This Reader has a unique capability of reading the UID of a Tag, allowing the Reader to recognize the type of ISO chip in question, and then move into a software subroutine (patent pending) where extended memory mapping is executed. If a Tag containing a different ISO chip is presented to the Reader, the Reader is capable of exiting its current memory mapping routine and entering a new memory mapping routine. A specification sheet of this Reader Model HF-3020 and all applicable ISO standard chips can be found at.

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