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Product Announcement from RFID, Inc.

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RFID, Inc. is proud to announce the release of a passive Tag UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID product line of Tags and Readers.  Over the past 6 months, pilots and trials have resulted in a 2014 forecast of 1,000 Readers and millions of Tags. 


  • Increased read range of a passive Tag (as much as 90' but typically 20' with most Tag and Antenna combinations) versus traditional LF and HF systems which provide only inches of read range
  • Ability to read hundreds of Tags simultaneously, a term in the RFID industry known as anti-collision 
  • Reduced Tag costs, allowing for more applications to be addressed than were previously capable 
  • Ease of installation

Here are some examples of the trial installations and the hurdles easily overcome:

 1.  200 cartons of medical supplies in a refrigerator - LF and HF technologies do not have the ability to read that many items.  In our trials, it took 8 seconds to scan the contents of the refrigerator with a Reader mounted internally.

 2.  Molds - Traditionally an oft addressed application for LF and HF, the hurdle has always been choosing and placing a Reader in a certain location so that when a Tagged tool or mold is placed in a machine the Tag and Reader line up with each other to accommodate the perhaps 2" of read range capable.  Testing and installation was also time consuming.  In a recent pilot, it took less than an hour to install, demonstrate, and accept a client's order for 5 Readers and 2,000 Tags.  The read range necessary was 18".  When the Tags are installed correctly (UHF Tags are also orientation specific) the resulting range is 6'.  When installed incorrectly the resulting range is 3'.

3.  Trucks at Docks - In the past there have been 2 RFID technologies that would address identifying a truck at a dock, LF or HF offering perhaps 2' of range at the most and this with Tags and Readers of considerable size that offered little left to right deviation, or 433 MHz Active Tags that are capable of reading hundreds of feet thus tuning and on site TLC during installation was necessary with dock doors at different sites requiring different tuning.  You can imagine the future technical support necessary when a new Reader needs to be installed or a not in the know on site technician decides to swap Readers between dock doors.  UHF (with magnet backed Tags that are very friendly to metal mount situations) can offer 3' or 6' or 9' or 12' of range depending on the Tag and Antenna combination, reliably and dependably without deviations between sites.  A much easier install and sale.

4.  A company manufacturing an asset contained in every residential and commercial dwelling had an uncontrolled process whereby an inexpensive Tag would be applied to the asset to watch it through production yet management had no interest in reclaiming  the Tag at the end of the process.  Necessary read range was but 2', and this manufacturer ships 2 million of these assets per year.  A Tag priced to the end user at 25 cents won the day.  While only 5 cents profit is being made on each Tag, I'm sure we'd all accept that order.

Our Readers will offer the PLC protocols of Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, as well as the traditional serial, digital I/O, USB and TCPIP protocols.  We are also offering proprietary versions of this product line for users who wish to ensure their clients cannot source interchangeable product, specifically in applications to protect consumable sales.

UHF Readers Made in the U.S.A. 

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