Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Modules

Product Announcement from RFM (RF Monolithics, Inc.)

Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Modules-Image

The WLS series is design-optimized for high RF performance AND size-efficiency.

    • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo: Best-in-Class WLAN and Bluetooth coexistence technology on a single chip.
    • High-efficiency RF front-end circuit plus a DC-DC converter.
    • Tiny Size: Slightly smaller than a dime - designed to fit into space-constrained designs.
    • Wi-Fi Compliant: All three modules --- WLS1270, WLS1271L and WLS1273L --- comply with IEEE 802.11b/g/n and the WLS1273 complies with 11a. All three operate at 2.4 GHz and the WLS1273 also operates at 5.8 GHz.
    • Bluetooth Compliant: The WLS1271L / WLS1273L complies with Bluetooth V 4.0 plus EDR, Power Class 2 + Bluetooth Low Energy
    • High Performance TCXO for Healthcare and High Speed Data Applications: The RFM XTC7012 TCXO was designed specifically for the WLS-series and particularly for the WLS1273L module (802.11a and 11n compliant) to provide frequency stability for years and years of healthcare and high-speed data applications.
    • Driver Support: Linus and Dndroid drivers for the OMAP35xx processors, or driver source code is available that can be modified for other ARM Cortex A-Series Processors.
    • Reference Designs: RFM reference designs for SDIO and host interface are available with RFM evaluation kits.
    • Evaluation Kits: Each evaluation kit contains one evaluation board, CD with GUI, USB to Serial Converter, and two 2.4 or 5.8 GHz Antennas
    • Samples: May be purchased purchased and include the XTC7012 TCXO at no additional charge.

Order your Evaluation Kit or Samples today! http://www.rfm.com/products/wi-fi_bluetooth.php