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RFMW Expert Product Pick: XMA Cryogenic IR Filters

Featured Product from RFMW

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What made you select the XMA Cryogenic IR Filters as featured products? How do these products offer value ? 

With expertise in coaxial cryogenic product design and assembly, XMA has created a family of repeatable and reliable infrared filters perfect for cryogenic applications. These Eccosorb filters remove disruptive IR signals while maintaining signal integrity in the desired pass bands. Moreover, XMA’s manufacturing expertise and use of machined Eccosorb saves time for quantum technologists and enables consistent results from one signal line to the next. Finally, with premium gold-plated copper housings and thermalization-driven mechanical designs, these IR filters are the ideal solution to improve qubit coherence times. Learn more about the 2482-5001CL-CRYO and 2482-5002CL-CRYO IR Filters on the RFMW website.

What are the key features/specifications of the XMA IR Filters? 

Usually positioned right before the mixing chamber, these elements serve as the ultimate defense in the RF line for the qubit, preventing high-energy photons from frequently destabilizing qubits and disrupting their quantum state. This underscores the importance of maintaining dependable and uniform performance at lower temperatures. In conclusion, XMA’s Cryogenic IR Filters emerge as the optimal solution for extending qubit coherence times in dilution fridges.

  • Low band and high band models available
  • Imbedded machined Eccosorb material for
    high repeatability
  • Allows low frequency signals to pass while
    blocking high frequencies
  • Gold-plated OFHC copper outer conductor
  • SMA m/f with additional models in
What are common markets/applications for the XMA Cryogenic IR Filters? 
  • Quantum Computing
  • TVAC chamber testing 
  • Space flight and launch vehicles.  
  • High-altitude, low temperature aircraft 
  • Particle accelerators 
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