PRP Series - Rail Profile Measurement Gauge

Featured Product from RIFTEK

Portable laser rail profilometer (PRP) is designed for non contact registration of cross-section of the railhead acting face.

The main functions of PRP are:

  • obtaining the information on the cross-section profile of the working railhead surface;
  • full profile scanning and analyze of the railhead acting face;
  • visualization of the combined graphical images of actual and new crosssection.

PRP Series

Railhead vertical wear, mm: -5,0 …+14,0
Lateral railhead wear, mm: -5,0…+18,0
Redused railhead wear, mm: Up to 14,0

Operator mounts the laser scanning module onto the railhead to be measured.
Having received a command from PDA or PC, the laser module performs non-contact scanning of rail surface. Measurement results (geometric parameters and profile of the surface) are displayed on PDA, can be saved in the PDA memory, and transferred to the PC database. Simultaneously, additional parameters can be saved: date, operator number, permanent way division, track number, rail type, etc.