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Eliminate HVAC/R Moisture

Featured Product from RLS LLC

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RLS ODM Filter Driers help protect HVAC/R systems from moisture (water), acid and particulates, helping to optimize their performance and provide the longest life possible. They use a desiccant to absorb moisture, activated alumina to remove acid, charcoal to remove wax and glass wool to trap small particulates.

A key feature of RLS filter driers is our exclusive use of XH11 desiccant. The vast majority of filter driers on the market use less expensive XH6 and XH9 desiccant, which can cause serious problems when used with R410A refrigerant.

Additional advantages of RLS filter driers include:
• An 11-step cleaning process
• Brazed in an oxygen free environment to add strength and avoid rust formation
• End connection plating uses an electro-less nickel plating
• 3 basket shaped honey combed perforated plates to minimize pressure drop
• Black powder coat paint that withstands 1000-hour salt spray
• UL and RoHS approved
• Packaged under positive pressure of 30 to 40 PSIG

Sizes Available: 3/8" Liquid Line 8 cu. in. Desiccant, 3/8" Liquid Line 16 cu. in. Desiccant, 1/2" Liquid Line 16 cu. in. Desiccant, 3/8" Liquid Bi Flow 8 cu. in. Desiccant and 3/8" Liquid Bi Flow 16 cu. in. Desiccant