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New 32 kN jaws- compatible with most press tools

Featured Product from RLS LLC

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Now RLS fittings can be pressed with most major press tools in use today!

We know, every contractor wants more tools! But when it comes to press tools, the costs can add up quickly. So if you can do more work with a tool you’ve already invested in – and avoid buying a new one – it’s a win-win proposition.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our new 32 kN jaws, which are compatible with most of the larger press tools currently in widespread use. Combined with our 19 kN jaws for compact tools, we now offer RLS-compatible jaws for virtually every major press tool on the market – any size, any brand, any model. (See the full list here.)

Of course, if you need a new press tool, we offer two great options – our original 19 kN tool and the new 32 kN version – both made by Klauke. But if you already own a press tool and just need RLS jaws, we’ve got you covered there, too. You can choose either complete jaw sets or individual jaws in just the sizes you use.

In addition to being compatible with our new 32 kN tool, our 32 kN jaws can be used with any of these popular models:

• RIDGID 300 Series
• Milwaukee M18 Series
• Viega, Dewalt and many others

For compact press tools, our 19 kN jaws made by Klauke, as well as our 24 kN jaws made by RIDGID, are compatible with the Milwaukee M12 series, the RIDGID 200 series and others.

With so many tool and jaw options, it’s now easier than ever for contractors to take advantage of all of the time-saving, safety and reliability benefits of RLS press fittings!

Check out our complete Tool & Jaw Compatibility Matrix and contact us with any questions.