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New Mobile Showroom and Nationwide Training Tour

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Announcing our New Mobile Showroom and Nationwide Training Tour
RLS is proud to announce our new mobile showroom – a custom-designed vehicle that converts into a showroom and training center – which will travel across the country to bring the RLS story and live demonstrations direct to contractors, engineers and distributors throughout the United States.

The “RLS on Tour” campaign is another example of our longstanding and ongoing commitment to providing training on our industry-leading press technology – by far the most proven and most trusted in the HVAC and refrigeration communities. As more and more contractors continue to adopt RLS fittings, there is an ever-increasing need for education and training – which we are more than happy to provide!

Visitors to the RLS mobile showroom will get a firsthand look at the latest innovations in HVAC/R press technology, hands-on demonstrations of proper tube preparation and installation steps, as well as information on the many benefits of RLS press fittings – including efficiency, reliability, installed cost savings, safety, ease of installation and more. Additional features of the mobile showroom include:

Burst Test Chamber
We’re especially proud of the superior strength of joints made with our fittings, so we designed and built a custom hydrostatic burst chamber to show just how reliable our fittings are. Visitors to our mobile showroom will be able to watch RLS joints be pressurized to thousands of PSI – far more than would ever occur in HVAC or refrigeration systems – until the copper tube finally fails (not the RLS joint). Maybe you can guess the exact PSI when the tube bursts and win a prize!

Virtual Reality (VR) Demonstrations
Our virtual reality station will allow visitors to take a virtual tour of the RLS manufacturing facility and see how our press fittings are made. You can even make your very own fitting (virtually, of course). Interactive VR demonstrations will also include hands-on demonstrations of the proper installation and usage of RLS press fittings.

How to “Follow the Leader” and Request a Tour Stop
Our nationwide tour will make some initial stops in and around the St. Louis area during the month of May, before officially hitting the road – heading eastward – on June 3rd. To keep track of the mobile showroom’s progress, check this page often to see our upcoming tour stops. You can also use the form on that page to request a stop at your location.

Watch>>>>RLS Rapid Locking System
Here's a quick look at the many advantages of using RLS flame-free press fittings to make reliable copper tube connections in high-pressure HVAC and refrigeration applications.

RLS LLC designed, engineered and developed the first press-to-connect fittings for the HVAC and refrigeration industries. After years of research and development, we introduced our fittings to the market in 2015. Over the years, we continued to expand our product line, regularly introducing new items and new sizes to meet customer needs. 
Today, there are millions of RLS fittings installed worldwide, and the original, patented, proven RLS product line remains the only line of refrigerant press fittings in the world to be UL Listed to 700 psi.