Airodek Formwork System

Featured Product from RMD Kwikform Ltd

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Airodek is a low-weight, high productivity, simple slab formwork system, suitable for slabs of up to a depth of 700mm. Its quick, safe and simple assembly process enables one man to erect up to 40m² in an hour, significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements and thereby customers costs.


  • Lightweight panels and minimum number of components means that Airodek has 30% less weight and 40% fewer parts than conventional props and timber.
  • With minimal components, Airodek is quick to erect and dismantle, maximising construction cycle times.
  • Quick strip option allows formwork to be removed for reuse,
    whilst backpropping remains to support the slab.


  • Airodek Panels and Beams are erected from below the soffit using an assembly prop, reducing the safety hazards of working at height.
  • Unique Crown locates the corners of up to 4 panels simultaneously, ensuring panels cannot be easily dislodged.
  • A range of edge protection options available, ensuring safe slab edge support and access.


  • Full range of accessories makes this a very versatile soffit support system.
  • Powder coated Aluminium Frames reduce concrete adhesion making maintenance on site easier.
  • Can be used with props, decking or customers own shoring systems.
  • Airodek has either a high quality ply face or a composite face, which lasts longer, provides a better finish and is easier to clean.

Innovative Design

Airodek is based on a single principle - simplicity. Airodek has been designed for easy assembly, transportation, storage and maintenance.

  • Lightweight - A single operator can easily and safely handle all the equipment reducing labour times for erection and dismantling.
  • Erected from below the soffit - Panels and beams can be erected from below the soffit reducing working at height issues.
  • Quick Strike pin - Standard props have a quick strike pin which releases the load with a single hammer blow. This increases productivity and reduces noise pollution.
  • Useful Accessories - Spacing gates and legs provide stability prior to placing infills to columns.
  • Unique Crown - The unique crown component securely locates the corners of up to four panels simultaneously ensuring panels cannot be easily dislodged.
  • Safety Upstands - Plastic upstands on decking beams provide secure location points and prevent the unintentional dislodging of panels.
  • Infill bracket & support block - Removes the necessity for additional propping adjacent to existing walls where panels don't quite reach.
  • Ply or Composite Face - Airodek has either a quality ply face or a composite face, which lasts longer, provides a better finish and is easier to clean.

Innovative Components

  • Drop-head - 1 - Quick strike system lowers the decking beams by 70mm to enable the panels to be removed & re-used whilst leaving the soffit propped.
  • Drop-head - 2 - Unique propeller locks the decking beam in place to avoid accidental dis-lodging during high winds.
  • Lightweight - All components in the prop & panel system are under 25kg making them ready for man handling.
  • Easy handling - The largest panel has twin grab handles to facilitate easy handling.
  • Prop markings - Blue band on prop indicates correct height to fit spacing gates so that support leg works - no measurement required.
  • Base jack - Drophead, perimeter u-head and crown are all designed to support the decking beams without differing adjustments to height of jack at the base.
  • 2 sizes of Infill beams - Neatly removes the necessity for additional timber support to the plywood used at infill positions.